We offer our customers one on one private training and consulting. We’ll give you our strategies and wisdom that we have gained through trusted attorneys, hard money lenders, real estate professionals, property management companies, and contractors….We’re here to help MAKE YOU MONEY!

Why spend thousands of dollars on resources and weekend seminars without getting the personal attention and all your questions answered?…We have the training strategies and personal stories that we want to share with you to help launch or fulfill your career in real estate. With our different consulting options, we will answer questions, concerns, and even look at your deals or opportunities you have currently as well as connect you with various professionals in the industry.

Half Day 4 Hour “In Person-Fly to Atlanta” Consulting-$1000; you handle your own cost and expenses for food and lodging

Full Day 8 Hour “In Person-Fly to Atlanta” Consulting $1500; you handle your own cost and expenses for food and lodging

To Reserve Investor Network for conferences and seminars and to check availability and our scheduling, please contact us at: 404.937.4011