You guys are truly great: You always find great deals for us using your special resources and channels, guiding us step-by-step when we are new to the market, and following through the entire process. This makes us happy customers each and every time even when sometimes you guys sacrificed your own profits. The trust relationship has and will keep us coming back to you in many more years to come. We wouldn’t have invested so many properties in same area if not for you both.

Harley Tang-Milpitas, CA

Working with Investor Network has been a true privilege; their communication skills are second to none and they always made me feel important. Investor Network has respected my time, but more importantly, they have respected my money.

          Roger McClendon-Houston

Amazing; I have invested with Investor Network over the last 3 years and my greatest profit has yielded me a little over a $20,000 gain on a $64,000 investment. I made a 32% ROI in less than 90 days. Unbelievable!

         Carmine Vesuvio-Peekskill

I love these guys! I have personally invested time and energy with several real estate investment groups and these are the guys that have impressed me by giving me the best rate of return on my money and the most personal attention. I would advise anyone that wants a serious return on their money to invest and partner with Investor Network.

         Dr. Alfred-Amherst

This is the best investment I ever made…Will and Brandon have not only coached and trained me, but have given me an average of a 40% return on my money over the last 2 years of investing with them.

         Andrew Hatchet-Louisville