Who can invest?

Any person, corporation, LLC or self-directed IRA is able to invest with Investor Network.

Is there a maximum?

No. If an investor wanted multiple properties (notes), we simply devise a custom plan to allow that investor to make multiple purchases over time. All plans are specialized for the investor.

Who pays for maintenance and taxes?

As half-owner of each property, Investor Network pays for all operating costs associated with each property. Investor Network is fully vested in these properties operating at peak performance. Investor Network is also responsible for paying the annual property tax payments. Investors are provided with a copy of the county land roles, recording that all taxes are paid and current.

What if I need to sell my note?

There are no restrictions on sales. Each note is liquid, and may be assigned or sold at any time to any individual or entity. These notes are, in fact, more liquid than the houses themselves. We do ask that investors offer their notes to investor Network LLC first, for right of first rehusal. Investors in these situations successfully sell their notes at higher face values, and achieve some equity participation in early sales. Investor Network maintains standing offers to buy notes back and assume all terms on those notes. In that case, the equity participation goes to Investor Network, or the new investor.

Are the homes insured?

Investor Network uses a consistent home insurance policy to protect the investment homes. The investor is named as Beneficiary of their investment, and is listed on the Mortgage clause. In the case of a total loss by fire, you will be paid first.

When I buy a note from Investor Network, how do I get paid my interest?

Payments to investors go out each month, via direct deposit.

What is equity participation and how will it work?

Equity is the amount of value left after the cost of the sale and the payoff of the note to the investor. When the property is sold, Investor Network pays the investor any principal and interest owing on the sale. Sales commissions and other third-party closing costs are paid out of profits. The note holder and Investor Network split the remaining profits and equity equally. Investor Network purchases properties far under value, the equity of each property – before splitting – will range from $20,000 to $50,000 per property. Estimated profits range from $10,000 to $30,000, and may vary depending on the value of the note.

What’s the difference between Investor Network and other turn-key investment opportunities?

When you work with Investor Network, you reap the reward of our years of experience in the market place. We specialize in sourcing these types of properties – a full-time job, using skills learned over years of investing. Since Investor Network only makes money upon the successful running and resale of the properties, we enforce strict guidelines for what we purchase, how it’s rehabbed, and what contractors we use. Like other owners, our team only gets compensated when these properties perform. This creates a true win-win and team environment for the investor and Investor Network

So I’m the bank in this transaction?

The investors do take the bank’s place in these transactions, with one difference – you always have participation in the instant equity and any further appreciation from these record low real estate values. When the property is sold, the net equity is split equally between the note holder and Investor Network.

What is an assignment, and how does it work?

If you’ve bought a home in the last twenty years, you’ve most likely been in a transaction with an assignment. This means, for example, that you closed your loan with one mortgage company, and received a letter several months later saying that your note had been assigned to another company. The assignment is how mortgages change ownership. The original owner of the note ‘assigns’ it to someone else. This is what Investor Network does. When you as the investor want to invest with our company, we assign the note and Deed of Trust to you, or to whatever entity you choose. All terms and conditions follow the note through the assignment. The original lender’s title policy is assigned to you as well

How am I protected?

The investor is protected with 2 types of paperwork.
First, the investor receives a security deed stating that they are the bank and they have foreclosure rights
if the Investor Network doesn’t pay. Second, the investor receives a promissory note stating that the investor will receive 5, 9 or 10% interest depending on which program you select as well as specifying the 50/50 equity participation. These document’s combined serve as total protection for the investor’s complete interest.

Where do I sign up?

Please email info@investornetworkstore.com or give us a call at 404.937.4011.